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PerfectDisk Hyper-V  by Raxco

PerfectDisk Hyper-V is a disk optimisation/defrag solution that optimises Windows host and guests systems while monitoring resources to prevent contention.

It monitors resource availability at the physical host level and allows optimistations to occur dynamically between virtual guests so as to completely eliminate the resource contention caused by simultaneous optimisations.

  • Improve Hyper-V Performance: Increase I/O throughput and decrease I/O requests. it optimises server virtualisation performance management by defragging file systems for increased IOP performance and completely eliminating performance issues relation to split I/O requests.
  • Eliminate Host and Guest I/O Bottlenecks: Optimised host, guest machines and storage solution to eliminate I/O throughput and I/O latency bottlenecks.
  • Space Management: Recovers disk space by detecting and removing duplicate files such as text documents, pictures, music and videos.
  • P2P Remote Capability: Take control of any client running on a remote computer with the power to access features normally only accessible via a local client.
  • Automate Shrinking of Virtual Disks: Automate the offline mounting, file system optimisation and shrinking of the thin provisioned virtual storage.
  • Automatic Background Optimisation: Virtual Infrastructure Awareness Technology monitors resource availability at the physical host level and enables high resource availability and intelligent real time I/O prioritisation during file system optimisation.
  • Fragmentation Prevention with OptiWrite: Detects when Windows is going to fragment files and intelligently redirects I/O to stop the fragmentation from occuring.
  • Patented SMARTPlacement File Optimisation: Works with the file system to prevent the creation of performance bottlenecks by consolidating free space and reuding the amount of time and resources required to optimise a volume.
  • Robust Support for Hyper-V Environment: Supports virtual machines of all server roles, including Clustered and non-Clustered SQL Server, Exchange Server and File and Print server roles.
  • Host based licensing: Licensed per physical host, PerfectDisk Hyper-V is a cost effective solution with exceptional ROI. Each licensed host supports unlimited guest licenses for easy license management and superior value. No additional costs per CPU or CPU core. Volume pricing is available.
  • Includes Enterprise Console: Provides complete central management of a user's physical and virtual Hyper-V environments. It features Active Directory integration, OU Linking, deployment, monitoring, customisable alerts and reports.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com