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Portfolio  by Extensis

Portfolio Server is a web-based digital asset management software that improves efficiency by helping workgroups and organisations quickly find and use digital media. It enables the organisation to access and share digital files and includes metadata import and export, image format conversion and CD creation for cataloging, archiving and Web publishing. Portfolio Server offloads shared catalogue synchronisation and image processing to the server and includes connectivity modules for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL Engines.

Portfolio Client is available in the following editions:

  • Studio: Essential digital asset management for teams and organisations of any size.
  • Professional: Media archive server for a small workgroup or creative team.
  • Enterprise: Extensible and scalable digital asset management.

Key Features:

  • Find Files Fast: Portfolio Server includes web-based and desktop client applications that make finding your files a snap.
  • Cloud or In-House: Portfolio gives you the flexibility to install on-premise or in the cloud. On-premise lets you leverage your existing hardware for use with Portfolio. Going with the cloud is a great option to easily expand reach/access and reduce or eliminate your IT infrastructure needs.
  • Drag and Drop into Any Application: Drag and drop files from the Desktop Client into Mac or Windows applications or layouts, and quickly edit “live” files directly from the file server.
  • Organise and Collaborate: Organise files into galleries and folders, track important file details, and create custom fields suited to your workflow. Create and share Galleries and Smart Galleries (think Smart Playlist) for organisation and collaboration. Use AutoSync to monitor folders on your file server and keep your catalog in sync with new files and changes.
  • Tracks Rights Management and Important File Details: Use the included standards-based fields or easily create your own custom metadata fields to track information about or relating to your assets. Manage keywords, descriptions, and other metadata in batch, or item by item, to enable future location and use of assets.
  • Edit Portfolio Server Metadata in Other Apps: Portfolio Server can read metadata from files you upload, and can write metadata to files that you share, allowing you to synchronise information with other metadata-aware applications.
  • Quickly Get the Right File Format For The Job: Portfolio Server’s media engine saves time by doing processing work for you. Media processing and conversions take place on Portfolio Server without slowing down your workstation. Add commonly used conversion settings to the batch convert presets menu to provide fast access to files in the right formats. Make PDF proof sheets for printing, sharing, and reviewing.
  • Don't Change The Way You Work: Portfolio Server works with your existing folders, file servers, and creative applications so you don’t need to work differently. We can handle whatever you throw at us – Portfolio Server supports all major image, video and document file formats and can literally catalog any type of file.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com