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PowerTCP SSL for ActiveX  by Dart Communications

PowerTCP SSL for ActiveX uses the same security protocol that protects secure transactions world-wide. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) authentication and encryption will ensure your data stays private as it travels across the public network. SSL for ActiveX will automatically authenticate and encrypt or decrypt data sent and received over the internet using SSL2, SSL3, PCT or TLS. It is capable of SSL over FTP through a firewall and supports all major SSL over FTP standards and configurable to other non-standard implementations as well as secure implementations of Globalscape. There are now separate "Trial" and "Licensed" versions of the dll. Trial dlls are not for deployment and will only function on machines on which a trial version of the product has been installed.

Key Features

  • Capable of SSL over FTP through a Firewall.
  • Support for all major SSL over FTP standards and configurable to other non-standard implementations!
  • Includes full FTP support for large files (files over 2 GB in size).
  • Supports secure implementations of Globalscape(TM), WS_FTP(TM), and SERV_U.
  • Compatible with common UNIX libraries such as OpenSSL and Certicom Plus(TM).
  • CertificateStore enables the ability to create your own certificates.
  • Automatically authenticates and encrypts/decrypts data sent and received over the Internet or your intranet using SSL2, SSL3, PCT or TLS.
  • Secure ActiveX COM controls for TCP, TCP Server, POP3, FTP, and FTP Server.
  • Non-secure TCP and Daemon controls are also included for building proxy server applications.
  • Supports client-side AND server-side authentication.
  • Write HTTP/S applications that provide client-side authentication WITHOUT displaying an annoying dialog asking the user to select his security certificate.
  • CertificateList ActiveX control makes it easy to manage digital certificates.
  • Certificate COM object exposes the details of digital certificates sent and received.
  • CertificateStore COM object exposes collections of installed Certificate objects for management purposes for both the Current User and Local Machine, enabling the construction of Secure Servers that can also run as Services.
  • Properties and events for certificate authentication give you complete control over what you will accept or reject.
  • Supports COM+ Component Services.
  • Can be used in a multi-threaded environment.
  • Includes a royalty-free licence.
  • Wrapper classes included for convenient integration into Visual C++.

For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com