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Power Save  by Faronics Technologies

Power Save is an energy management tool that eliminates wasted energy on computers without disrupting existing IT administration processes and without having an impact on user applications or data. It analyses CPU and disc use thresholds enabling IT administrators to set thresholds that will not shut down computers if background tasks such as VPN, remote access and remote backup are running. Specify critical programs that are exempt from power down if they are running with support for standby (recommended) and hibernate power modes to ensure that unsaved user data are not lost.


  • Power Save Enterprise: Faronics Power Save eliminates computer energy waste by up to 50% without affecting productivity.
  • Power Save for Mac: Faronics Power Save is an enterprise-level intelligent power management solution for Macs.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Power Savings: Intelligent, non-intrusive computer energy management that analyses multiple indicators of system activity before going into power savings mode.
  • Non Disruptive: Accommodates IT maintenance schedules and allow users to temporarily over-right power actions when necessary.
  • Easy to Implement: Easy implementation through Audit Mode which provides baseline measurement and estimated savings.
  • Operational Savings and ROI: Provides tangible financial savings and rapid return on investment to organisations through reduced energy consumption.
  • In-Depth Visibility: Detailed energy savings reports provide visibility into energy savings derived from the use of Power Save.
  • Cloud-based Management: Manage endpoints across multiple locations from a cloud-based management console to apply software updates efficiently.
  • Configurable Energy Management: Power Policies allow for different levels of energy management at different times. Energy Consumption Profiles enable fine tuning of individual workstation power use.
  • End-user Overrides: End-users can temporarily disable power management for convenience and customise local wake-up from Hibernate or Standby mode.
  • Audit Mode: Disables Power Save actions while recording events on workstations for analysis of potential energy savings using Power Save reports.
  • Advanced Activity Monitoring: Intelligently monitors CPU, network or disk activity and executes power-saving actions only when the activity falls below a defined level.
  • Management Reporting: Detailed energy use and savings reports based on local costs demonstrate rapid ROI.
  • Comprehensive Dashboards: The Power Save and Deep Freeze Cloud dashboards make it easy to visualise power consumption information for your entire organisation.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com