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Print Agent for Exchange  by MAPILAB

Print Agent for Exchange – a solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010/2013, which allows to automatically print out the necessary emails and attachments.

The product consists of three components – a management console, which can be installed on any workstation in domain, transport agents, installed on the Exchange server, and one or more services that are directly processed printing.

A practical system of rules, including conditions, actions and exceptions, allows to define criteria for printing of really necessary messages and attachments.

Print Agent for Exchange can print both email messages and attached files (images, html, PDF, txt). Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel) can be also printed.

Key Features:

  • Printing is performed from a service, which can be installed on any computer or server in the organisation. No client application with logged-in user is needed for functioning of the rules and sending documents to print.
  • Simple but effective protection against failures in the printing of required documents: the print service for messages can be installed on multiple computers in organisation. If one of them for any reason is unavailable, the documents will be printed using any of the active services.
  • Wide range of print settings, both in the rules of the product, and in the printer settings of a specified user.
  • A special system for centralised monitoring of the current status and performance of the product as a whole. Control over the whole system of rules can be performed from a single console.
  • The installation process and product management is unified for all Exchange versions. Product installation and deployment is performed with the help of a convenient installation wizard, while management (creation and customisation of the rules for selection of messages and attachments for printing) is carried out by means of the console. The company-wide product deployment is possible from any single computer/server, which could be also used to setup and adjust rules for all Exchange servers in the company.
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208905 1 Exchange Server licence + 1 Year Updates v1.x (ESD) Delivery same day. information button
Version: 1.x. Manufacturer does not accept returns on this item. Electronic Software Delivery: We manually process this order and then email you download instructions. There is no delivery charge for this item. Normally delivered same day. Service is provided for 1 year.
£414.86 £497.83