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Quest Recovery Manager  by Quest Software

Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory offers an easy-to-use solution for fast, granular, online recovery of Active Directory in the event of inadvertent modification due to software failure or human error.


  • Recovery Manager for Active Directory: Enables you to maintain maximum uptime and prevent productivity losses due to human error or hardware/software failures. With automated backups, you can quickly restore Active Directory to pinpoint changes and granularly recover specific data—all without taking Active Directory offline.
  • Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition: Quickly restore your entire domain or AD forest in the event of a major disaster or AD corruption. Forest Edition greatly reduces downtime by selecting unaffected backups and then quarantining the damaged environment. The steps required to facilitate the recovery are automated, saving your organization lost productivity and revenue.
  • Recovery Manager for Exchange: Recovery Manager for Exchange makes email recovery fast and easy—without the need for a dedicated recovery server. From a single console, you can execute an Exchange database recovery to retrieve message-level data from multiple sources.
  • Recovery Manager for SharePoint: Simplify and accelerate granular and disaster-level SharePoint restores with Recovery Manager for SharePoint. Use your existing enterprise or native backups in order to perform granular searches, previews and comparisons with this flexible tool. Execute restores from your existing SharePoint backup, even when your data is offline or stored in external or remote BLOB storage (EBS/RBS)
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com