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Remove Duplicates from Outlook Express  by MAPILAB

Duplicated messages appear in Microsoft Outlook Express every time the connection with the mail server fails. They can also appear as a result of different synchronization errors or message import errors. Your Inbox is loaded with lots of messages, many of which you have already read or even replied. You waste your time on reading the same message again and again. And if you group your messages in different folders, duplicated messages get into all Microsoft Outlook Express folders.

When duplicates are deleted manually, mistakes are inevitable - some messages you need will be removed without being read. As a result, important meetings are ruined, your clients don't get necessary information in time, you aren't aware of current affairs. And you don't even know that all this was caused by accidentally deleted messages.

How can we remove duplicated messages from Microsoft Outlook Express without losing any of important information? It can be done in just a few steps with the "Remove Duplicates from Outlook Express" program (every time you run the program, you'll be able to remove duplicates with one click of the mouse!).

Program Features

  • deleting duplicates in all or selected folders
  • comparing messages by the main fields (text, subject, sender e-mail, sender name)
  • comparing messages by additional fields including attachments
  • deleting, moving or copying duplicates to a folder
  • searching for duplicates created within the last day, several days or without time limits
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