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ReportBuilder  by Digital Metaphors

ReportBuilder is the standard for Delphi reporting solutions. Delphi developers have consistently voted ReportBuilder Product of the Year (1999 - 2002) and Best Reporting Tool (1999 - 2003). The genesis of ReportBuilder was the desire to deliver a product that does for Reporting what Delphi has done for Windows programming. In that spirit, ReportBuilder provides both a RAD environment and an object-oriented platform for solving the reporting equation.

ReportBuilder is available in the following editions:

  • Standard Edition: Elegantly model free-form reports, nested reports, side-by-side reports and drill-down reports
  • Professional Edition: Build end-user reporting solutions that can be distributed royalty-free! Use DADE to visually define and link SQL queries. DADE enables developers and end-users to quickly and easily build and link SQL queries that can be saved as part of the report definition
  • Enterprise Edition: Use RAP to build portable reports! RAP enables developers and end-users to code calculations and event-handlers without Delphi. The run-time code can be saved with the report definition outside of the application executable
  • Server Edition: Build complete report server solutions for publishing reports to remote client applications and web browsers. Publish reports as XHTML to web browser clients. Build ISAPI, ASP, Apache web applications

Key Features:

  • RAP: The Report Application Programming language (or RAP for short) is designed to allow developers and end users to code calculations, event handlers and stand-alone procedures for use with ReportBuilder Enterprise. RAP programs can be created, modified, compiled and executed at run-time.
  • Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis: Multi-dimensional Data Analysis (MDDA) refers to the process of summarising data across multiple levels (called dimensions) and then presenting the results in a multi-dimensional grid format. This process is also referred to as OLAP, Data Pivot., Decision Cube and Crosstab.
  • Visual Data Access: DADE (Data Access Development Environment) is an integrated environment that can be used by developers and end-users to rapidly build queries, link queries and specify ask at run-time search criteria.
  • End-User Reporting: The Designer is a non-visual component that acts as a ‘wrapper’ around the report designer window displayed in the end-user reporting solution. By setting the various properties and events of the designer component, you customise the content and behavior of the report designer.
  • Report Design: ReportBuilder allows you to create highly dynamic report layouts. The SubReport, Memo, RichText and Region components have the ability to expand or contract to accommodate the information they contain. There are a host of properties designed to keep your reports looking good in the variety of situations created by these dynamic components.
  • Data Access: In ReportBuilder, data access is provided via the DataPipeline component. ReportBuilder includes data pipelines for accessing data from a variety of sources:
    • DBPipeline: Used for accessing data via the BDE, third-party BDE replacement products or TDataSet descendants. The DBPipeline is connected via the DataSource property.
    • TextPipeline: Used to access data in text files.
    • JITPipeline: Just-In-Time pipeline for accessing data in Delphi objects.
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