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SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)  by Sybase

Adaptive Server Enterprise meets the increasing demands of large databases and high transaction volumes, while providing a cost effective database management system. Its key features include on-disk encryption, smart partitions and new, patent-pending query processing technology that has demonstrated a significant increase in performance, as well as enhanced support for unstructured data management. ASE is a high-performance, mission-critical database management system that gives Sybase customers an operational advantage by lowering costs and risks.
It is available in the following Editions:
  • Adaptive Server Enterprise Enterprise Edition: Sybase's Mission-critical Enterprise database product for deployment.
  • Adaptive Server Enterprise Cluster Edition: Allows you to configure multiple Adaptive Servers to run as a shared-disk cluster.
  • Adaptive Server Enterprise Small Business Edition: Sybase's Enterprise database product with the following restrictions: Limited to 2 chips (sockets) per the manufacturers' maximum configuration; Limited to 256 connections; Limited to 8 engines; No limit to the number of cores per chip.
  • Adaptive Server Enterprise Developer's Edition: A limited version of Sybase ASE Enterprise Edition (1 engine, 25 server connections) for Development purposes only.

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Key Features

  • Provides extreme performance: Enables demanding IT environments to achieve millions of transactions per minute with terabyte-sized databases, while maintaining rapid growth rates in data and transaction volume
  • Reduces risk:
    • Helps organisations avoid costly, disastrous disruptions such as system failure, unforeseen disasters or stolen data
    • Protects against common threats to IT systems, including data security, system stability, disaster recovery
    • Allows IT to offer responsive technical support and mitigate risk
  • Increases efficiency:
    • Allows IT to provide higher service levels- even with shrinking budgets
    • Efficiently uses hardware and reduces underutilised hardware, offering high performance with less overall cost
    • Eases database administrator system task requirements
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