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SONAR records and controls all employee computer activity, increasing staff productivity, decreasing exposure to litigation and meeting compliance requirements related to privacy laws and regulations. Its patented software architecture runs on computers across the organisation, even those computers that never connect to the corporate network. SONAR can be installed without the need for dedicated hardware, and managed centrally from a web browser. SONAR's software application monitoring and blocking suite allows schedules to be set that control which software applications can be used and when.

Features include:

  • 360-degree monitoring and recording:
    • All email (including both corporate email accounts and webmail like Gmail and Hotmail)
    • Instant messaging
    • All keystrokes typed
    • Documents created, accessed, changed or edited
    • Software applications
    • All websites visited
    • Database queries
    • Customer data
    • Generate reports to meet compliance requirements
  • Block sites and applications that lower productivity:
    • Complete web filtering - by category, by content
    • Application blocking
    • Alert words
    • Instant Messaging
    • Whitelisting
    • Productivity protected
    • Corporate network not exposed to spam and spyware by controlling unauthoriSed web use
  • Screenshots of any activity carried out on computers:
    • Video-like playback
    • Triggered by alert words, programs or websites
    • Captures incontrovertible evidence
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com