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SQL Admin Toolset  by Idera

The SQL Admin Toolset provides twenty five tools for simplifying troubleshooting, administration and reporting, eliminating time spent developing, testing and maintaining custom scripts:

Diagnostic Tools:

  • Backup Status: check whether databases are backed up
  • SQL Search: search for text within SQL code
  • Object Search: find objects by name on SQL servers
  • SQL Discovery: find SQL servers lurking on a network
  • Password Checker: check the strength of SQL server passwords
  • Connection Check: diagnose connection problems

Administration Tools:

  • Multi Query: execute and manage queries across multiple SQL servers
  • Database Mover: move or copy a database and associated logins across servers or re-locate data files
  • Login Copy: copy server logins across SQL servers
  • User Clone: create a new user using an existing user as a template
  • Job Mover: move and copy between servers
  • Job Editor: view and edit jobs across multiple SQL servers
  • Quick Re-index: review and re-build the indices on SQL servers
  • Server Configuration: compare and edit server configuration for one or more SQL servers
  • Database Configuration: compare and edit database configuration for one or more databases
  • Partition Generator: view existing partition information and generate new partitions
  • Connection String Generator: search options for connection strings and create custom connection strings
  • Table Pin: view and manage the pinned status of tables (SQL Server 2000 and earlier only).
  • SQL Server Linked Copy Tool: Quickly and easily copies linked servers from one server to another

Analytics Tools:

  • Inventory Reporter: including version and hardware
  • Patch Analyzer: report and analyse SQL server version levels
  • Index Analyzer: analyse indices for use patterns and sizes
  • Space Analyzer: analyse the space use of SQL server by drive or database
  • Server Statistics: view statistics
  • Server Ping: monitor the status of SQL servers

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