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SQL Compare  by Red Gate

SQL Compare is a tool for comparing and deploying SQL Server database schemas. You can work with live databases, database snapshots, SQL scripts in source control or backups. SQL Compare helps you compare and deploy changes efficiently.

It is available in the following editions:

SQL Compare Standard Edition: Limited to manual diffs and synching of databases.
SQL Compare Professional Edition: Includes command line support for automated deployments and schema change monitoring. Also, avoid deploying unstable objects by deploying directly from a scripts folder in source control.

Key Features:

  • Make deployments faster: Remembering the changes you’ve made to a database, working out what your colleagues have done and scripting it out for deployment is tricky and time consuming. SQL Compare makes it fast. You can explore what’s changed in each database object, down to individual lines of SQL. When you’re ready to deploy, you can create an error-free deployment script in minutes.
  • Deploy with zero errors: SQL Compare scripts dependencies in your database in the right order, to make sure deployment is successful. It also flags up any issues, such as data loss, before you deploy.
  • Find and fix problems in production: To fix errors in your production database, compare it to a backup, scripts in source control, or a database snapshot. You can deploy single objects to fix the issue fast. If you need to fix static data, use SQL Data Compare to deploy changes without the need for full database recovery.
  • Deploy with scripts, the UI, or the command line: SQL Compare fits into the development process you prefer. You can automate deployments with the command line, run them from the UI, or save a deployment script and run it yourself. For review and sign-off, you can also export a list of changes in HTML or Excel formats.
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