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SQL Data Compare  by Red Gate

SQL Data Compare is the industry-standard tool for comparing and deploying SQL Server database contents. You can work with live databases, backups or SQL scripts in source control. With the command line interface you can automate tasks and schedule comparisons to easily create an audit trail. Damaged or missing data can be restored to a single row, without the need for a full database recovery.

It is available in the following editions:

  • SQL Data Compare Standard Edition: Compare and synchronise SQL database contents.
  • SQL Data Compare Professional Edition: Create an audit trail by comparing backups, backup target database before changes are migrated and command line automation for continuous integration.

Key Features:

Standard Edition:

  • Save time comparing and synchronising data
  • Copy lookup data from development databases to staging or production
  • Generate T-SQL scripts to update one database with the contents of another
  • Keep an accurate history of all previous database records
  • Compare and synchronise data from within SQL Server Management Studio
  • Deploy to SQL Server, SQL Azure and SQL Server on Amazon RDS

Professional Edition:

  • All Standard edition features
  • Quickly fix problems by restoring damaged or missing data to a single row
  • Deploy databases from source control
  • Compare and synchronise from backup files
  • Automate comparison and synchronisation tasks with DLM Automation
  • Run SQL Data Compare Pro on your build server for continuous integration, with DLM Automation
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