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Satellite Forms  by Thacker Network Technologies

Satellite Forms is a visual integrated software development environment (IDE) that makes it easy to create data-driven applications for Palm OS and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile devices. Satellite Forms is an ideal tool for business and enterprise developers looking to build custom mobile applications, or to transform processes typically performed on paper to an electronic format for improved productivity and efficiency. Satellite Forms allows you to create usable, real-world applications without writing a single line of code. Even more sophisticated applications require minimal scripting or coding to implement.

Satellite Forms is also extensible, allowing you to add additional functionality and peripheral support using any of the 3 dozen included extensions, over 80 commercial extensions from PalmDataPro.com and other third party developers, or you can create your own using the Satellite Forms Extension API.

Release version 8 comes with several bug fixes, the addition of new script language keywords, new extensions and sample projects, and updated documentation. It delivers several improvements for both the Palm OS and Windows Mobile/PocketPC platforms. Some enhancements includes:

  • New capability to add color to forms and controls.
  • New integrated runtime -- the SatForms runtime engine and launcher icon are merged together.
  • New capability to display a splashscreen image while your app is loading.
  • New Tables Search, Lookup, and Backup script functions.
  • New native barcode scanner controls for Honeywell and Datalogic scanners.
  • New GetAppName, GetAppCreator, and GetAppVersion application properties added.
  • New FindFiles extension to search for files and folders.
  • New HyperLink control makes it simple to add colored, underlined text links that respond to pen taps.
  • New sample demonstrates how to integrate your Satellite Forms app with Google Maps for Windows Mobile.
  • Numerous bug fixes, detailed in the Satellite Forms 8 documentation.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com