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SecureZIP  by PKWARE

SecureZIP combines ZIP compression and strong encryption to deliver a data-centric security solution for protecting sensitive data, meeting compliance requirements and reducing overall costs and operational overhead.

The PKWARE SecureZIP application now supports ZIP and OpenPGP, making it easier for you to share data with business partners regardless of the partners’ data security preference or computing platform. The support of both ZIP and OpenPGP within a single application allows organisations to standardise on PKWARE SecureZIP for all of their data security needs. The latest SecureZIP version encrypts and decrypts files using OpenPGP keys in both the ZIP and OpenPGP formats; it also allows IT Administrators to maintain enterprise control of OpenPGP files through the use of policy controls and a contingency key that ensures recoverability of encrypted data.

SecureZIP is available in the following editions:

  • SecureZIP for z/OS: Mainframe encryption software availble in Standard and Enterprise editions.
  • SecureZIP for Linux on System z: Compresses and protects sensitive information when Linux installs directly on a LPAR or runs under z/VM. Available in Standard and Enterprise editions.
  • SecureZIP for i5/OS: Data protection for the midrange platform built on the ZIP standard. Encrypt information on one computing platform and transfer it to any other enterprise computing platform. Available in Standard and Enterprise editions.
  • SecureZIP Server: Protect information on UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows servers without disrupting existing operations and processes. Available in Standard and Enterprise editions.
  • SecureZIP for Data Loss Prevention: The encryption process guarantees protection of these sensitive files and ensures unprotected content is no longer exposed.
  • SecureZIP Command Line Interface (desktop only): File encryption software.
  • SecureZIP for Windows Desktop: ZIP compression and strong encryption. Available in Standard and Enterprise editions.
  • SecureZIP for Mac: Supported versions of Apple Mac OS X include Mavericks.
  • SecureZIP for Mobile: Read ZIP files that are strongly encrypted with both passphrases and x.509 digital certificates.


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403730 for Win Desktop Standard Ed 1-99 User Licence (Each) v14 (ESD) (SEZ00-1402-ENG-AB0) Delivery within 3 days. information button
Version: 14. Publisher's code: SEZ00-1402-ENG-AB0. You are required to purchase maintenance with this item. Electronic Software Delivery: We manually process this order and then email you download instructions. There is no delivery charge for this item. Normally delivered within 3 working day(s).
£35.73 £42.88
403732 for Win Desktop Standard Ed 1-99 User 1 Year Maintenance (Each) (SEZ00-1402-ENG-EB1) information button
Publisher's code: SEZ00-1402-ENG-EB1. Service is provided for 1 year.
£7.15 £8.58