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SolarWinds Network Automation Manager  by SolarWinds

Network Automation Manager is a network automation & management software for on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.

Key Features:

  • Performance monitoring: Reduce network outages and quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network performance issues. With critical path hop-by-hop analysis and visualisation all along the service delivery path, you can view network performance and traffic details, regardless of device location.
  • Traffic & Bandwidth Analysis: Monitor interface-level network bandwidth and traffic patterns with up to one-minute granularity. Collect, monitor and analyse NetFlow, sFlow®, J-Flow™, IPFIX and NetStream® data to identify users and applications that are generating and consuming bandwidth.
  • Config & Change Management: Monitor, back up and bulk-deploy network device configurations so that you can recover quickly from hardware faults and human-caused configuration errors. Receive real-time change notifications and help ensure that devices are configured and operating in compliance with regulatory standards, such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA and more. Compare configs side-by-side to quickly determine what has changed.
  • Switch port and end-user monitoring and tracking: Know how switches and ports are being used and which switches are nearing capacity. Know who and what is connected to your network and when and where they are connected. Track endpoint devices by MAC and IP address on your wired and wireless networks.
  • WAN performance monitoring: Using Cisco IP SLA technology, you can simulate traffic data to test the network between Cisco routers or a remote IP device to monitor the performance of key apps and services.
  • IP address management: Automated subnet discovery and IP scanning scours your network so you know how IPs are used. Know when IPs conflict, subnets/scopes are depleted, or DNS entries don’t match. Find an open IP and make the DHCP reservation and DNS entries in one motion from a single console.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com