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Sophos Enduser Protection Web, Mail and Encryption  by Sophos

Sophos Enduser Protection Web, Mail and Encryption protects you everywhere, from your network, to your servers, endpoints and mobile devices.

Sophos Enduser Protection Web, Mail and Encryption benefits:

  • We combine gateway, endpoint and the cloud to give you complete web protection everywhere users go. Set your web policy at the gateway and scan at the endpoint.
  • Deploy and manage your full-disk encryption from the same console you use to manage your antivirus.
  • Consistent DLP policies across all enforcement points with easy sharing of custom sensitive data definitions between endpoint and email.
  • Anti-malware, HIPS, device and application control, web filtering and DLP all in one agent and managed by one console.
  • One anti-malware engine across all platforms and points including desktops, laptop, SharePoint and Exchange servers, as well as the email and web gateways.
  • Our SophosLabs analysts constantly monitor and fine tune detection for you—keeping an eye on applications and websites to avoid, emerging threats, spam and more.

Sophos Enduser Protection Web, Mail and Encryption comprises:

  • Sophos Enterprise Console: A single, automated console for Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux and virtualised platforms centrally deploys and manages antivirus and client firewall protection; intrusion prevention; endpoint web protection; patch assessment; encryption; data, device and application control; and endpoint assessment and control.
  • Sophos Endpoint Security (antivirus, HIPS, device control, application control and DLP): A single endpoint agent for Windows detects viruses, spyware and adware, rootkits and suspicious files and behavior.
  • Sophos Client Firewall: A centrally managed client firewall designed for the enterprise environment blocks worms, stops hackers and prevents intrusions.
  • Sophos Antivirus for Mac, Linux, UNIX, NetWare and OpenVMS: Antivirus protection for Mac, Linux and UNIX, NetWare and OpenVMS computers.
  • Sophos PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange: Antivirus and anti-spam protection for Microsoft Exchange servers.
  • Sophos for SharePoint: Antivirus protection for Microsoft SharePoint servers, password and machine recovery tools.
  • Sophos for PureMessage for UNIX: Antivirus and anti-spam protection for UNIX servers.
  • Sophos Encryption: Integrated full-disk encryption includes secure pre-boot authentication and a full set of password and machine recovery tools.
  • Sophos Patch Assessment: Scans and identifies computers missing critical patches for vulnerabilities commonly targeted by threats.
  • Sophos Web Filtering in Endpoint: Web policy enforcement for inappropriate sites.
  • Sophos Email Protection with SPX Encryption: Your choice of Sophos Email Appliances (additional charge) or Virtual Email Appliances (no charge) with SPX Encryption.
  • Sophos Web Protection: Your choice of Sophos Web Appliances (additional charge) or Virtual Web Appliances (no charge) that integrate fully with your Endpoint Protection to keep users safe and compliant on the web everywhere they go.
  • Sophos Mobile Control: Data protection, policy compliance and app management for mobile devices.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com