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Spector 360  by Veriato

Spector 360 is a product for centralised employee monitoring, offering a high level view of the ongoing activities of employees as they use company PC's and the Internet.

Spector 360 features automated deployment, remote management tools and will record a wide range of PC activity including e-mail, Chat/IM, Web Surfing, Online Searches, Keystrokes and Programs used. Spector 360 includes award-winning VCR-like screen snapshot recording. With Spector 360 users can generate high-quality management reports of findings that can be printed or emailed on a regular basis.

Key Features

  • Email Capture: Provides a complete record of all email sent/received, including attachments. In addition to recording business standard MS Exchange and Outlook email, SPECTOR 360 includes industry-­first webmail capture.
  • Chat/Instant Message: Captures both sides of all Chat and Instant Messages to provide an information trail of every computer-based conversation.
  • Websites Visited: Continually monitors every web page accessed by your network computers, including a record of URLs and domain names. This feature provides a quick yet exact picture of each employee’s web surfi­ng behaviour and populates a Quick View chart of trend data across your organisation.
  • Application/Program Use: Monitors and captures all applications/programs used on your organisation’s computers, including the day and time a program is launched and the total duration of activity in that program.
  • Screen Snapshots: Captures actual screen snapshots, enabling you to thread raw activity data to a visual record you can replay DVR-style. Screen snapshots allow you to see user activity, across time, within context.
  • Quick Vies Reports: Takes the recorded activity from each user’s computer, feeds that information into a database and provides more than 75 built-in, easy-to-read, comprehensive Quick View reports. The prede­fined charts can be adjusted to better reflect your environment or you can easily create entirely new charts.


  • Intuitive & Easy to Use: The Spector 360 Dashboard, with its feature rich User Interface and built-in Wizards, offers both a “High Level View” and “Detailed View” of how your employees use the Internet and Computer Resources.
  • Feature Depth: Spector 360 provides you with numerous tools and capabilities, making it the most powerful Employee Monitoring package on the market.
  • Customisable: You can create customised charts and reports to address the specific needs of your organisation.
  • Powerful: Powerful search capabilities are provided that allow you to sift through voluminous data to locate a specific word or string.
  • Information Accessibility: There are more than 50 built-in charts and reports that can be generated quickly on demand.
Learn more about Spector 360 in this video.
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