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Spider SMS Component  by Kazzicom

Spider SMS is a 32-bit ActiveX OCX that sends messages, records a tracking ID, acquires a message status to see if the message has been received and produces a balance enquiry of SMS credits available. It requires a PC connected to the Internet and allows integration to many languages including PHP, HTML and VB. All world telecommunications networks are covered. It supports many SMS formats including ring tones, logos and ASCII.

There are three main servers two in the US and one in Europe. The two servers in the US are single transmitting servers supplying fast delivery of messages and tracking information. Delivery of messages takes 10-15 seconds and a further 3-5 seconds for message tracking. The European server is a backup server for bouncing data to finds the best operating server available. Transmissions cost two credits per message. Credits are required to send SMS messages from SDK or the client software and can be purchased from the Energy Programming website.

It is necessary to obtain a Subscriber ID and Password in order to test the service by clicking the Register link on the Energy Programming website. An e-mail then provides a link for clicking after which the screen must be refreshed to make it possible to send a live SMS message from the website to confirm that the account is active. It is possible to send a further nine messages from the website. An e-mail confirms the Subscriber ID and Password within 6-8 hours and the account is provided with 1000 credits for use during development and testing.

For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com