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SpreadJS  by GrapeCity

The SpreadJS product family, which includes Spread.Sheets and Spread.Views, are powerful JavaScript spreadsheets and grid components that developers use to create data views, numerical models, forms, dashboards, and reports for the web. SpreadJS 11's set of JavaScript libraries has been enhanced to solve even more spreadsheet and data grid needs.

  • Pure JavaScript with TypeScript support: SpreadJS doesn’t require external libraries or frameworks such as jQuery. External frameworks are supported, but not required, and Spread.Sheets includes TypeScript support.
  • High-performance canvas rendering: SpreadJS renders precise views to the HTML canvas for a fast, interactive user experience that is accurate across all browsers.
  • Full Angular support for Spread.Sheets: Develop enterprise spreadsheet applications using the Angular framework, including Angular 5.
  • Runs in all modern browsers: SpreadJS is tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer in both mobile and desktop form.
  • Modular--Use only what you need: SpreadJS is modularized, so you only need to load the JavaScript that contains the features you need, allowing you to optimize the size of your web page or app’s payload.
  • Chart support: Add popular chart types to your spreadsheets, including column, bar, line, pie, doughnut, area, scatter, bubble, stock, and combination.
  • Platform independent: SpreadJS is a client-side component, so it will work for Windows, Linux, and MacOS as well as mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS.
  • Touch support: Touch controls are available on touch-enabled devices.

Key Features:

  • Workbook Support: Present data in a grid, a single spreadsheet or in a multiple sheet workbook. However you choose to display data, you get features such as a function library, grouping, sorting, filtering and conditional formatting.
  • Spreadsheet Authoring: Whether you are working in bound or unbound mode, users will enjoy an easy click-to-edit spreadsheet authoring workflow.
  • Style and Formatting: Format cells exactly the way you wish with features such as fonts, alignment, merging, borders and shading. Apply data type formatting, such as currency, to cells.
  • Full chart support: Supported charts include column, bar, line, pie, doughnut, area, scatter, bubble, stock, and combination. Users can also import and export native Excel files with charts. Customers can interact with those charts, and developers are given the tools to add and edit charts with the Spread.Sheets Designer.
  • Sparklines: Spread includes many impressive sparklines that allow you to quickly, and professionally, summarize data trends. You can even create your own custom sparkline to present virtually any type of sparkline you can imagine.
  • Data Slicer: Filter data with controls such as buttons, sliders, and checkboxes with the data slicer. Apply one to a table in a few steps or customize your own.
  • Conditional Formatting: Show performance indicators, icon sets, data bars, color scales, and more with conditional formatting support.
  • Excel-like Data Display: Sort, filter, group, and outline data to get the view you need. Table formatting and conditional formatting are also supported.
  • Excel Features: Give your users the spreadsheet features they expect such as drag-fill, drag move, hidden columns, hidden rows, shapes, and frozen panes.
  • Optional Excel Import/Export Component: The Spread.Sheets package includes a Client-Side and optional .NET server-side Excel I/O component that imports Excel files with features, formatting, and security rules intact. This component is independent of all other features and is not required to use Spread.Sheets.
  • Print from the Browser: Spread fully supports browsers' print and print preview features.
  • Print API: Customize print behavior to your specifications by coding against the print API.
  • PDF Support: Print or export data views to full-featured PDF files.
  • Template Designer: Included designer helps you design data views and forms in a familiar Excel-like interface. Use it to design new views and forms or import Excel files.
  • Import Excel Files: The Spread.Sheets designer application imports Excel files with features intact, so people who don't use Spread.Sheets can help design data views. This is particularly useful in involving subject matter experts in the design process.
  • Export JSON: Save your templates to JSON for easy loading into your web application.
  • Built-in Function Library: Choose from over 460 built-in functions and apply them to individual cells, rows/columns, or entire sheets. Cross-sheet referencing is also supported.
  • Custom Formula Support: Create your own formulas and add them to the libraries. Includes support for array formulas.
  • Formula Text Box Control: Add an Excel-like formula text box to your sheets.
  • Special Cell Types: Use button, checkbox, combo box, and hyperlink cell types to automatically set a cell’s behavior.
  • Number Formatting: Choose from the same number cell types you see in Excel such as general, currency, accounting, date, percentage, scientific, and fraction. You can also set currency symbols, separators, and decimal places.
  • Custom Cell Types: Spread.Sheets is completely extensible, so you are free to create your own cell types.
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