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Spread .NET  by GrapeCity

Spread.NET can handle most complex spreadsheets, faster than ever before, and using less memory too – performance improvements up to 80% faster and using a fraction of the memory! Spread.NET 11 can import, export, and calculate your Excel documents faster than ever before.

  • Fast performance: Designed from the ground up for maximum performance and speed, Spread.NET is the perfect spreadsheet choice for every application.
  • Full Excel compatibility, with no Excel dependency: We give you the features you expect for seamless Excel compatibility with NO Excel dependency. Create, import, and export native Excel files.
  • Powerful calculation engine: The Spread.NET API can handle huge numbers of rows and columns and crunch massive data to meet the requirements of the most demanding apps.
  • Provide the ultimate flexibility: Use the extensive API to customize Spread and control every aspect of workbooks, worksheets, ranges, and cells.
  • 462 Excel functions available: Use the integrated calculation engine with more functions than any other spreadsheet solution.

Key Features:

  • Workbook Support: Present data in a grid, a single spreadsheet or in a multiple sheet workbook. However you choose to display data, you get features such as a function library, grouping, sorting, filtering and conditional formatting.
  • Spreadsheet Authoring: Whether you are working in bound or unbound mode, users will enjoy an easy click-to-edit spreadsheet authoring workflow.
  • Style and Formatting: Format cells exactly the way you wish with features such as fonts, alignment, merging, borders and shading. Apply data type formatting, such as currency, to cells.
  • Excel-like Data Display: Sort, filter, group and outline flat and hierarchical data to get the view you need. Table formatting and conditional formatting are also supported.
  • Excel Features: Give your users the spreadsheet features they expect such as drag-fill, drag move, hidden columns, hidden rows, shapes, cell protection and frozen panes.
  • Excel Import/Export Support: Spread imports Excel files with features, formatting and security rules intact. If the Excel file has a feature unsupported in Spread, it will still be preserved upon Excel export.
  • Full Set of Print Options: Spread fully supports printing and includes a print settings and preview window you can display in your applications.
  • Print API: Customize Print behavior to your specifications by coding against the print API.
  • PDF Export: Export and share your spreadsheet views to platform independent PDF files.
  • Works with Microsoft’s Latest Releases: Spread.NET is fully tested in Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10. It can also import/export Excel 2016 files and includes Excel 2016 themes.
  • The Latest Versions of All Modern Browsers: ASP.NET applications created with Spread.NET will run in the latest releases of Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Touch interactions are also supported.
  • All .NET Development Platforms: Spread.NET includes components for Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET, and WinRT.
  • Spreadsheet Designer Application: Included application helps you lay out data views and forms in a familiar Excel-like interface. Use it to create new forms or import Excel files.
  • Spreadsheet Designer Component: Embed the spreadsheet designer component in your applications to give your end-users ad-hoc data view design features.
  • Built-in Function Library: Choose from over 460 functions and apply them to individual cells, rows/columns, or entire sheets.
  • Advanced Function Support: Take advantage of cross-sheet referencing, structured formulas, and array formulas. You can also create your own custom functions.
  • Formula Text Box Control: Add an Excel-like formula text box to your applications.
  • Editable Cell Types: Choose from a library of cell types, such as date or number, that automatically add input controls and enforce data validation rules.
  • Graphical Cell Types: Cell types, such as barcode, button, and image are included to display data in a specific format.
  • Custom Cell Types: Spread is fully extensible, so you can create your own cell types tailored to your needs.
  • Complete Chart Collection: Visualize data with over 80 chart types such as line, column, financial, polar, and radar. Multiple axes and 3D charts are also supported.
  • Chart Component: Spread adds a separate chart component to your toolbox so you can use the chart anywhere in your application.
  • Chart Designer: Use the point-and-click designer to select a chart type, select data, format axes, design series, and more.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com