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StateCoder  by Desaware

StateCoder is a .NET namespace for creating and supporting powerful State Machines in .NET using Visual Basic .NET, C# and other .NET Languages. Typical Applications include:

  • Manage large numbers or varying numbers of asynchronous operations
  • Reduce the number of threads needed to perform background operations (especially useful for objects that support multiple clients)
  • Selective use of between-request processing for ASP.NET and Web Services can improve user response while using minimal server resources
  • Encapsulating sequences of asynchronous operations (wrapping them into a single event or wait operation)
  • Protocol Implementation. Internet or other protocols are almost always based on state machines
  • State machines can be used to parse incoming data and perform operations based on the results including generating output data in a different format
  • State machines can define transaction based objects that do not use COM+/MTS.

State machines reflect a design pattern that is fundamental to all programming but are in many cases created haphazardly producing code that is hard to support, test and modify. StateCoder's class framework leads naturally to state machine based design. The StateCoder engine executes the state machine providing efficient thread support, exception handling and other features.

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