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System Center Data Protection Manager  by Microsoft

System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) is a robust enterprise backup and recovery system that contributes to your BCDR strategy by facilitating the backup and recovery of enterprise data.

Key Features:

  • NEW: Modern Backup Storage: Using Resilient File System (ReFS) block-cloning technology to store incremental backups, DPM 2016 dramatically improves storage utilisation and performance. The storage consumed by backups grows and shrinks with the production data source and there is no over-allocation of storage.
  • NEW: Resilient change tracking (RCT): DPM uses RCT (the native change tracking in Hyper-V), which removes the need for time-consuming consistency checks. RCT provides better resiliency than the change tracking provided by VSS snapshot-based backups. DPM also uses RCT for incremental backup. It identifies VHD changes for virtual machines and transfers only those blocks that are indicated by the change tracker.
  • NEW: Continued protection during cluster aware updates: Windows Server 2016 comes with the cluster OS rolling update, where a cluster can be upgraded to Windows Server 2016 without bringing it down. DPM 2016 continues to protect VMs during the upgrade, maintaining the backup service level agreement (SLA).
  • NEW: Shielded VM Backups: Shielded VMs in Windows Server 2016 help protect sensitive VMs from inspection, tampering and data theft by malware and malicious administrators. DPM 2016 backups retain the protections provided by shielded VMs to ensure they can be recovered seamlessly and securely.
  • NEW: Hyper-V with Storage Spaces Direct: DPM recognises and protects Hyper-V VMs deployed on Storage Spaces Direct, delivering seamless backup and recovery of VMs in disaggregated and hyper-converged scenarios.
  • NEW: Hyper-V with ReFS SOFS Cluster: DPM 2016 can back up Hyper-V VMs deployed on ReFS-based SOFS clusters. Backup and recovery of RCT-based VMs and non-RCT VMs is supported.
  • Disk-based data protection and recovery.
  • Command-line scripting using Windows PowerShell.
  • Enterprise deployment methods for distributing the DPM agent.
  • Enterprise monitoring with Operations Manager.
  • Tape-based backup and archive solutions.
  • Disaster recovery solutions, which provides bare-metal recovery of servers running Windows.
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