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Tcl Dev Kit (TDK)  by ActiveState Software

Tcl Dev Kit (TDK) provides essential tools for Tcl programmers, making it easy to create, build and deploy applications. Rapidly deploy Tcl applications to a broad range of platforms, as ready-to-run executables, starkits or starpacks. Simplify development with tools for finding and fixing bugs, managing complex code bases and optimising your programs. Take control and work the way you want with a choice of GUIs or command line interfaces for most tools. TDK 5 supports ActiveTcl 8.4 through 8.6.

Key Features:


  • Deliver your Tcl programs as executables, starkits or starpacks.
  • Tamper-proof your applications and protect your code from prying eyes.
  • Run and manage your Tcl code as Windows services.
  • Create, manage, export and use TEApot package repositories.


  • Kill bugs fast with the cross-platform graphical debugger.
  • Quickly find errors before running your scripts.
  • Uncover tricky problems by inspecting Tcl programs while they run.


  • Improve code performance and reliability through coverage and hotspot analysis.
  • Understand complex code at a glance with a visual guide to component relationships.
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