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Telerik JustMock  by Telerik

Telerik JustMock is an easy to use mocking tool from Telerik designed to help you create better unit tests, faster than ever. Telerik JustMock makes it easier for you to create mock objects and set expectations independently of external dependencies like databases, web service calls, or proprietary code.

The Telerik JustMock API is completely AAA (Arrange/Act/Assert) oriented thus helping you keep your unit tests well structured, clean and readable. No matter whether you try to mock an interface, a sealed class or a static class, the pattern you use is the same.

New Features:

  • API Improvements: The Q1 2016 release comes with stability and usability improvements. We’ve also improved its integration with Visual Studio 2015
  • Enhanced Syntax: Arrange, assert and call private members with a natural syntax
  • Async Mocks Support: Mocked methods that return Task are now automatically arranged.
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