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Text Size Zoom  by BoostSolutions

The SharePoint Text Size Zoom web part provides users with direct control over individual SharePoint displays; change text font size without changing list or view settings. The zoom options are displayed as a set of buttons for increasing and decreasing text size and a revert option for restoring the text to its original font size.

Features include:

  • Enlarge or reduce the default text size displayed in SharePoint
  • Add zoom options to any SharePoint page
  • Restore the text to its original size using the revert option.

The following licences are available:
  • Site Collection Licence: applied to a specific site and applies to the number of end-users on that site collection. Recommended if one site collection is required with a Site Collection ID that is unlikely to change frequently (the Site Collection ID will change if SharePoint is re-installed or SharePoint data are transplanted from one server to another)
  • Farm Licence: applies the amount of end-users of the largest site collection within a particular farm. Recommended if installing a SharePointBoost product on multiple site collections or if the Site Collection ID changes frequently.

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