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Total .NET SourceBook  by FMS

Total .NET SourceBook is a code library for .NET providing C# and Visual Basic .NET code, categories, samples, tips and how-to's for .NET coding. Each time that Total .NET SourceBook is started a connection is made to the Code WebService downloading new code, articles and tips to the database. A full-featured colour-coding editor is included with support for C#, C++, VB.NET, VB6/VBA, Java, JavaScript, XML and HTML. Total .NET SourceBook is completely multi-user enabled; as individuals add code or content it becomes available to the entire team. It includes a full-featured standalone Code Explorer and an integrated Visual Studio .NET Add-in. Drag code out of the Visual Studio .NET tool window and place it directly into projects or take any code out of a solution and drag it into Total .NET SourceBook.
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