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Total SQL Statistics  by FMS

Total SQL Statistics provides a rich array of statistical analysis for SQL Server applications, generates code and supports Visual Basic 6 and Visual Studio.NET. It provides functions to analyse data stored in SQL Server tables, views, stored procedures and user defined functions and eliminates the need to export data to other programs for statistical analysis. Perform a wide range of statistical functions with all results in SQL Server tables. View, sort, query or display the results. Total SQL Statistics comprises two parts:

  • Interactive Statistics Scenario Designer: a standalone program enables the specification of the database, data, fields and analysis to perform
  • A DLL component: performs the analysis.

Design analysis scenarios by running the standalone Scenario Designer program and run them from program with a simple DLL call into a distributable run-time library. Only the structure of the scenario is saved, not the data, so analysis is always performed on the current data.

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