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TracePlus  by Systems Software Technology

TracePlus is a range of analysis tools for Windows 95/98/ME, NT 4.x, Windows 2000/XP. The TracePlus debuggers insert themselves between Win32 or Win16 applications and Winsock, ODBC or other API without any need for special DLLs or libraries. This very powerful feature enables TracePlus to work with any Windows application including those without source code. It is available in three versions:

  • TracePlus/Win32: an API Trace/Debugger for the Microsoft Win32 API. It traces 16 classes of API functions, comprising nearly 600 API calls
  • TracePlus32 Web Detective: an HTTP trace/analysis tool specifically designed for Web development. The Web Detective spies on the HTTP protocol which the Web browser uses to communicate with the Web server and displays it in an easy to understand format
  • TracePlus/Winsock: a powerful application-level diagnostic tool for Winsock available for Windows 3.1 and Win32 platforms. It provides an integrated data analyser and is a full-featured Winsock spy and data analysis tool.
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