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Transform Component Expert  by Objective Software Technology

Transform is a Delphi IDE Expert that converts entire forms including form properties and events into a single component that can be re-used inside other forms. It creates reusable groups of components or aggregate components that encapsulate the function of a related set of components and selectively publish properties, methods and events relating to the group. The aggregate component can be installed in Delphi's component palette and re-used without having to re-create individual components. Aggregate components are most often used as business components to encapsulate business logic and user interface controls, to create complex user interface controls such as toolbars and editors and as a tool for increasing productivity and object re-use on larger projects. The output of Transform includes a log showing details of the conversion process and a view of the input and output details. The code generator reports differences in the input/output code, highlighting exactly what was changed by the expert. Components are converted automatically and can be sent direct to Delphi for compiling and testing. The component can be developed iteratively by using a development project containing the component source and another test project that uses the component.

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