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VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager  by VMware

VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager enables cost measurement, analysis and reporting of virtual machines. It provides the ability to map IT costs to business units, cost centers or external customers - enabling a better understanding of how much resources cost and what can be done to optimise resource utilisation.

Key Benefits:

  • Create Customisable Cost Models: Supports allocation-based costing, utilisation-based costing or a combination of both, maintains reusable cost templates that allow the process of adding cost models to virtual machines to be standardised, allows for entry of base costs, fixed costs, one-time costs, multiple rate factors and overage fees to model true costs.
  • Report Infrastructure Costs Accurately: Provides comparison of cost models and resource usage for specified periods of time, includes customisable report templates enabling reports to contain unique elements to fit the company brand standards, allows organisations to gain visibility into datacenter costs, which makes it easier to drive and prioritise efficiency efforts.
  • Drive Accountability in Cloud Environments: Meters resources managed in VMware vCloud Director, including broadband network traffic, public IP addresses, and other services such as DHCP, NAT and firewalling, automates creation of vCloud Director chargeback hierarchies based on vCloud Director organisation virtual datacenters and vApps, supports vCloud Director resource-management models and enables pay-as-you-go, reservation-pool and allocation-pool charging for resources.
  • Integrated with VMware vSphere Client: vCenter Chargeback Manager is fully integrated as a vSphere Client plug-in, providing consistent look-n-feel and integrated capabilities for configuring costing model and viewing reports.
  • Web Interface: Allows for ease of administration and reporting, with delegated roles for reporting access.
  • System Health and Troubleshooting: Monitor and troubleshoot the health of the vCenter Chargeback Manager through the built-in dashboard.
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