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WatchDirectory  by GdP Software

watchDirectory monitors a folder, possibly including sub directories, and starts a task you have configured for every change detected. Changes include new, changed and deleted files or folders. When watchDirectory detects a change in the folder that is being monitored, it starts the task that has been defined. It is possible to choose from a list of more than 10 pre-defined tasks that enables most common business situations to be automated.

The list includes an all-purpose task that lets you run batch (.bat/.cmd) files or Visual Basic Scripts. These powerful programming files let you run thousands of programs and perform a nearly unlimited number of computer tasks.

  • Automatically Sort Files: Copy your files to multiple locations.
  • Automatically play a sound for new Files: NEW: Play a WAV sound when new files are detected.
  • Automatically Email when files are created/deleted: Receive E-Mail notifications for new files.
  • Automatically Delete Files: Tired of deleting temporary files yourself? Do you want certain files deleted when they are 7 days old?
  • Automatically Upload (ftp) Files: Publish your files on the Web.
  • Automatically create thumbnails for your pictures: Smaller pictures load faster on the Web.
  • Automatically Generate HTML: Create a gallery for your pictures.
  • Automatically Generate auditing reports for changed/deleted files (Who Did It?)
  • Automatically start .bat scripts: Automate Everything
  • Automatically Compress (zip) files: Save diskspace.
  • Automatically Uncompress (unzip) files
  • Automatically Copy Files

watchDirectory is available in two editions: Standard and Professional.

The professional Edition allows you to:

  • Run as a Windows Service application
  • Start more than three (3) tasks
  • Monitor directories on your network
  • Delay performing tasks using the buildin scheduler
  • Send email alerts when problems are detected
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com