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WebCombo.NET  by Intersoft Solutions

WebCombo.NET is a .NET based component targetted for ASP.NET web development and designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+ browsers. It handles large volumes of DataSource from a dropdown list with auto-completion during typing and dropdown selection on the fly without postback. WebCombo.NET utilizing many of advanced .NET technologies combined with extensive implementation of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+ infrastructure, resulting in a mature, stable and lightweight WebControl that ready to replace standard dropdown list control.

WebCombo.NET is built with sophisticated features such as :-

  • MultipleColumns,
  • Common databinding,
  • On-the-fly data request and retrieval,
  • Real dropdown windows,
  • Automatic query handling,
  • Automatic caching,
  • Extensive VS.Net support,
  • Netscape support
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