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WinReporter  by IS Decisions

WinReporter retrieves detailed information about hardware, software and security settings from Windows systems and automatically generates reports.

Benefits of using WinReporter:

  • Instantly get a comprehensive and updated vision of your Windows infrastructure: WinReporter collects virtually all information about every Windows system on your network (LAN and WAN). WinReporter then enables rapid inventory, assessment, audit and classification of all Microsoft Windows components (hardware, software, Windows settings, events).
  • Save considerable time and effort on fastidious manual inventory: Manually auditing 5 Windows servers takes up to one full working day to a seasoned IT professional. WinReporter's agentless technology achieves the same result in minutes, remotely and without missing one piece of important information. Customizable, ready-to-use reports are then automatically generated.
  • Get an immediate answer to virtually any question about your Windows systems: Which disk partitions are near capacity? Which users belong to these 2 groups? Who opened a session on this computer this morning? Which applications are generating error messages on this server? What are the permissions applied to this file and this shared folder?
    Using WinReporter, you will be able to set a valuable scan up in less than 2 minutes, and immediately get detailed, up-to-date, usable results.
  • Set up an automated reporting to monitor key IT indicators: Keeping a sharp eye on some key IT indicators is mission critical for most System Administrators. You might want to track the evolution in free disk space, RAM and CPU usage, monitor added or removed software or devices, identify invalid or expired passwords, or check for added, removed, enabled or disabled user accounts. Just setup related scans and WinReporter will then automatically Email detailed reports to selected recipients at the frequency of your choice.

Main features include:

  • Enterprise Hardware Inventory: retrieves all necessary information regarding your Windows systems: CPU, RAM, BIOS, video adapters, network cards (TCP/IP configuration), partitions, hard drives, printers, serial number, manufacturer model, devices, microprocessor platform, monitors and system slots.
  • Enterprise Software Inventory: tracks and audits all your installed applications and Windows components, Windows Edition, files (versions and permissions), licence keys for Windows and Microsoft Office and ¬†autoruns
  • Security Audit: WinReporter checks for security flaws by allowing you to:
    • identify computers missing appropriate patches or hotfixes,
    • find systems with unapproved local accounts or administrators,
    • display shares and folders permissions,
    • detect user accounts with expired passwords,
    • get detailed information about access to files,
    • track all logon and logoff activity throughout the network (including RAS and VPN sessions),
    • check for unnecessary or suspicious Windows services and processes,
    • identify servers with unauthorized shares.
  • User Accounts Management: allows you to run queries on your users to determine: which group(s) they belong to, password age or validity, account status (enabled/disabled), or latest logon time.
  • Change tracking: reports track the evolution in free disk space, RAM and CPU usage.
  • Baseline analysis: allows you to perform comprehensive baseline analysis about installed software, services and shares.
  • Comprehensive, automated reporting: all information collected by WinReporter can be displayed and printed using 58 different out-of-the-box reports enhanced with filter, sort options and graphics.
  • Troubleshooting Analysis: gives you immediate access to detailed information that allows you to quickly isolate and respond to Windows systems problems.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com