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Windows HPC Server  by Microsoft

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Windows HPC is a high performance computing (HPC) solution built on Windows Server technology and Microsoft HPC Pack. The Windows HPC solution combines a comprehensive set of deployment, administration, job scheduling, and monitoring tools for your Windows HPC cluster environment, and a flexible platform for developing and running HPC applications.

The latest version of the HPC Pack is Microsoft HPC Pack 2012 R2. HPC Pack allows you to create, manage, and run HPC applications on Windows HPC clusters consisting of dedicated on-premises compute nodes, part-time servers, workstation computers, and hybrid deployments that can include resources that are deployed in Microsoft Azure.

A cluster consists of several servers networked together where each server in the cluster performs one or more specific tasks.

  • Head Node: The single point of management and job scheduling for the cluster. It provides failover and controls and mediates access to the cluster resources.
  • Compute Node: Carries out the computational tasks assigned to it by the job scheduler.
  • Job Scheduler: Queues jobs and their associated tasks. It allocates resources to these jobs, initiates the tasks on the compute nodes; and monitors the status of jobs, tasks, and compute nodes.
  • Broker Node: Act as intermediaries between the application and the services. The broker load-balances the service requests to the services, and finally return results to the application.
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