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XFile  by SoftArtisans

SoftArtisans XFile is a client-side tool that supports COM, such as an HTML file, an ASP or ASP.NET page, within MS Office applications, Visual Basic or C++, as an ActiveX control or through the Windows Shell Extension.

The "drag and drop" feature allows users to transfer files while XFile's progress indicator shows the file's estimated size and transfer time. XFile allows users to preset a list of files to be sent and then manipulate files before or after the transfer.

XFile can handle uploads up to 4 GB of memory.

Key Features:

  • Resumable uploading/downloading both client and server side.
  • Unlimited upload file sizes.
  • Support for Windows Integrated, Basic and Anonymous authentication.
  • New properties that specify whether XFile should set a download destination directory or prompt users to select a directory for downloaded files.
  • Ability to check if an error occurred downloading one or more files.
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