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XMLobjective  by MDXSYS

XMLobjective is a developer tool supporting editing and integration of XML. XMLobjective IDE provides powerful editing and wizards for XMLSchema, XML documents, XSLT and XQuery. XMLobjective Integrator supports integration of XML in C++, JAVA and RDBs (using JDBC / SQL).

XMLobjective IDE

XMLobjective IDE is a visual editor for XML. Powerful editing wizards support the development and validation of XMLSchema, XML, XSLT and XQuery, in addition to related standards such as DTD and XLink. Tree, Text and Design views support the development of XMLSchema code with even little prior knowledge.

XMLobjective Integrator

XMLobjective Integrator provides code-generation for XMLSchemas, to shorten development times in the integration of XML in C++, JAVA, and RDBs (using JDBC / SQL). The full XMLSchema syntax is support, included datatypes, derived types (using polymorphism), and DOM tree construction / parsing. Generated integration code is supported for multiple platforms.

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