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XSideBar for .NET  by SpringSys

XSideBar is a versatile information groupable control that gives you capabilities similar to the tool box in Visual Studio .NET or Microsoft Outlook. This product can help you manage or navigate your information in groups efficiently. There are many UI features you may choose to have it work in the manner you like.

Items can be displayed in either a large icon mode or a small icon mode. There are many bar styles available such as: standard, flat, popup etc. Many highlight styles can be chosen to make it look more like the styles used in Microsoft VS or Outlook?. Most UI properties can be set as default values for all groups or individually. Cancelable events allow you to control the actions of XSideBar with a great deal of flexibility. Drag and drop between groups are supported too. The group slide style property gives the control great flexibility and personality, with settings for Quick, Smooth and Gentle operation.


  • Easy to use and integrate in Visual Studio .NET
  • Large and small icon mode
  • Amazing slide motion
  • Many UI attributes for group bar and pane
  • Different item highlight styles
  • Drag and drop in groups
  • Cancelable actions
  • Key border navigating
  • XP visual style
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