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XTabControl for .NET  by SpringSys

Many developers have identified a need for Tab Control features that are not available in the Tab Control supplied in Microsoft Visual Studio.Net. Until now developers only had a choice of 3rd party ActiveX Tab Controls, which sometimes had sever limits when used with the Interop Services wrapper. SpringSys is pleased to announce a Tab Control for use in VS.Net that is 100% Managed code and so all of it's features are fully operational in any Windows Form project.

The ability to control the color of the tab is arguably the single most desired feature by Windows Form VS developers. Using the SpringSys XTabControl the developer may now create an arrangement of Tabs with color codes that match other objectives in a project. In addition many other needed features are available as well in this NEW tab control.

The XTabControl for .NET is a .NET Windows Forms Control that extends the features of the tab control contained in VS.NET. The tabs can be controlled in appearance as round corner, square corner, button, flat button and pillow button. 3D and flat border styles can be selected. The tabs can be in variant colors, text colors, 3D effects. Multi-line tab arrangement and left/top/right/bottom alignment are supported.

The XtabControl is easy to use and is easily installed in your Windows Form Tool Box. Once installed it operates exactly like the Microsoft tab control except that it has all of the additional features that you probably have been wishing for.


  • Easy to use and integrate in Visual Studio .NET.
  • Attractive and unique 3D text effects.
  • Many tab appearances supported. For example: round corner tab, square tab, standard, button, flat button, pillow button.
  • Multiple border style.
  • Variant tab color.
  • Variant text effects.
  • Allow disable particular tab, help you protecting tab content.
  • Allow closing tab at run time with Close Button.
  • Single or multiple line of tabs.
  • Top, left, right, bottom alignment.
  • Tab spacing adjustable.
  • Hover color adjustable.
  • XP visual style.
  • Cancelable tab selecting.
  • Allow hiding/showing tab pages at runtime.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com