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Xtreme CommandBars  by Codejock Software

Xtreme Command Bars provides Windows developers with comprehensive, fully customisable menus, toolbars, ribbon and MDI tab windows to give your application a professional and modern interface.

Codejock Command Bars provides several options to choose from including Office Style Ribbon, Visual Studio and Office Theme Support, Tabbed and Transparent Toolbars, MDI Tab and Gallery Controls, Accelerators / Hot Keys, Load / Save State, full Customisation and much more!

Key Features:

  • Office 2013 Ribbon: Office 2013 Ribbon bar, Ribbon Groups, Group option Button, Smart Layout, Gallery Control and Expandable Ribbon Bar.
  • Tabular Toolbars.
  • Transparent Toolbars.
  • Accelerator/Hot Keys: Shortcut Keys, Shortcut Key Tips and User Defined Accelerators.
  • Image Attributes: Alpha Icon Support, Add, Delete, Modify Icons, Normal, Hot, Disabled Icons, Faded, Disabled Icons and Icon Shadows.
  • Load/Save State: Save/Load layout to Registry and String.
  • Special Controls: Image Manager Control and Customer Status Bar.
  • Toolbar Customisation: Command Actions, WYSIWIG Designer, Multi-Language Support, Custom Command Bar, Popup and Dockable Toolbars and MDI Button.
  • Toolbar Buttons: Button Styles, Standard Buttons, Split-Button and Button Popup, Office Style Combo and Edit Box and Toggle Buttons.
  • Dynamic Customisation: Drag and Drop Commands, Edit, Copy, Delete and Modify, Dynamically Add and Remove, Toolbar Customisation, User Defined Toolbars and Options.
  • Toolbar Options: Toggle Large or Small Icons, Show Text Below Icons, Toggle Tool Tips, Hide and Show Toolbars, Closeable Toolbars and Command Bar Grippers.
  • Menu Customisation: Intelligent Menus, Menu Animations, Tear-Off Menus and Toolbars, Popup Menus and Popup Context Menus.
  • MDI Tabbed Interface: Add MDI Tabs, Tab groups and Themed MDI Client Backcolour.
  • Tab Customisation: Position, Layout, Appearance, Colour Style and Margins.
  • Galleries: Gallery Control.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com