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ZAM 3D  by Electric Rain

Zam 3D is a full-featured 3D modelling application that enables easy creation, customization and animation of 3D interface elements for Windows Vista based applications. Once a 3D scene is created, ZAM 3D automatically generates the XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) markup necessary to convert the 3D elements into a Windows Presentation Foundation "WPF" (formally Avalon) 3D scene. XAML files created with ZAM 3D can be directly integrated into your application development environment to create rich and engaging user experiences never before possible.

ZAM 3D fits into the Designer-side workflow by complimenting Microsoft Expression Blend. The designer uses ZAM 3D to easily create 3D interface elements, models, controls, styles or layouts, exporting them to XAML markup with a single click without any need to write, or even understand the complex markup that goes into building a WPF 3D scene.

Integrate ZAM 3D XAML into your Microsoft Expression Blend Projects

  • Easily create 3D user interface (UI) elements, models, controls, styles, layouts, and animations with ZAM 3D.
  • Export the 3D model to XAML declaritive markup with a single click, eliminating the need to hand code the geometry, lights, cameras and animation that make up the scene.
  • Import the 3D XAML file into Microsoft Expression Blend and composite 2D data, images or video tothe 3D element. Then use MS Visual Studio 2005 to code interactive and powerful functionality.
  • Deploy rich and engaging next generation applications that vastly improve user experiences.
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