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ZWCAD  by ZWCAD Software

ZWCAD is a customisable CAD platform for 2D and 3D design that is compatibile with AutoCAD and Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is available in the following Editions:
  • ZWCAD Standard Edition: CAD tool for 2D drafting
  • ZWCAD Professional Edition: includes all of the 2D features of ZwCAD Standard Edition with the addition of 3D features (3DACIS) including 3D modelling and editing, 3D surface commands and a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) development environment.

Key Features:

  • Parametric Drawing: control the size, position and relationship of every object in the drawing. Geometric constraints enable the creation of relationships between objects, making them behave as a single entity. Dimensional constraints change the sizes of objects by adjusting dimensional values
  • Parameter Manager: add and edit parameters to define the functional relationships among dimensional constraints
  • MLeader, Table and Field: use MLeader (multi-leaders) to mark part numbers in drawings and use Table to list them. Add Field to display drawing information that updates automatically
  • Solid Profiles: Solprof (solid profiling) enables the creation of profiles of 3D solids. Hidden lines and visible lines can be placed onto different layers automatically
  • PDF Plotter: plots drawings to high quality PDF files. The output supports OLE objects, raster images, gradient hatches and plot stamps. The PDF file can contain layer information from the drawing.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com