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Zend Guard  by Zend Technologies

Zend Guard is the most comprehensive solution to protect and distribute PHP applications. It combines excellent code protection with a flexible licensing administration system. Zend Guard allows for safe and confident distribution and management of your PHP applications while protecting your source code, thanks to two basic components: Zend Guard’s Encoder and Zend Guard’s Licence Manager.

Software vendors are increasingly writing applications in PHP with the aim of distributing them via download or CD. It is critical that the source code and intellectual property of the applications being distributed is secure, regardless of whether the applications are free, for evaluation purposes or for commercial sale. Zend Guard, with its key components of Encoding, Obfuscating and Licensing, make this distribution worry free. Zend Guard protects your commercial PHP 4 and PHP 5 applications from reverse engineering, unauthorised customisation, unlicenced use and redistribution.

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