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dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server  by Devart

dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server allows users to build quickly and easily complex SQL queries via an intuitive visual interface without manual code writing. The visual SQL query tool is designed to simplify development of SQL queries for SQL Server. Visual features and graphical SQL query designer for interactive query building will be most appreciated by users who often create databases queries.

Key Features:

  • Visual query diagram: Simply draw your query on the elaborated diagram instead of writing code manually. Drag’n’drop required tables to the diagram, join them and select columns visually. For better view, use zooming options.
  • Creation of sub-queries: Work with complex sub-queries and manage them as simple queries with visual query building tool for SQL Server. Using the tabbed window, you can edit sub-queries in separate windows and easily access the main query.
  • Designing DML queries: INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE queries can be designed using dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server. The query type is specified on the label on the diagram. You can use this label to choose a table to work with.
  • Expression editor: Automate your work with query criteria. See and visually edit them on the separate tabs under the diagram where you're drawing your query. You don't need to type column names or remember complex rules. Just select the required data from the lists and enjoy results.
  • SQL code beautifier: The query building tool for SQL Server will help you write SQL code yourself or modify existing code. The tool suggests variants for completing words and shows information on database objects. Make your code formatting standard-driven using customisable profiles.
  • Visual query profiling: Leave behind challenging query profiling from the command line. Get EXPLAIN, SHOW PROFILE and SHOW STATUS results in a convenient UI. Select results for two query executions and get the differences highlighted.
  • Data management: Data management has become more convenient. Group, sort and filter data in the grid. For better data view and editing, use various modes. Benefit from cached updates and manage your data based on your needs. Moreover, you can print or export query results.
  • Foreign key lookup editor: Edit foreign keys directly in the data grid with the help of the Foreign key lookup editor. If the table you want to edit has foreign keys, just click the needed cell - and data of the parent table will be shown.
  • Data Export to 10 formats: Experience visual and accurate data export to 10 widespread formats: HTML, Text, MS Excel, MS Access, RTF, PDF, XML, CSV, DBF, ODBC. The export is highly customisable and allows using templates.

Devart products are sold on a subscription basis, i.e. during a year after a purchase you can download new versions released within this period.

But the license itself is permanent in the sense that a particular version can be used without any time limitations. Subscription will need to be renewed only if you want to keep having access to version updates.

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219484 Standard Licence + 1 Year Subscription v3.x (ESD) (300385738) Delivery within 5 days. information button
Version: 3.x. Publisher's code: 300385738. Electronic Software Delivery: We manually process this order and then email you download instructions. There is no delivery charge for this item. Normally delivered within 5 working day(s). Service is provided for 1 year.
£69.42 £83.30

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290003 Standard 1 Year Subscription Renewal (300479351) information button
Publisher's code: 300479351. This is a Renewal. Product serial or licence number required. Service is provided for 1 year.
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