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Licensing Agreements

Microsoft Licensing

Software acquired through Microsoft Volume Licensing is a software license that only gives users the right to run a Microsoft software product. Customers can save above retail boxed software prices when they participate in a Microsoft Volume Licensing program. By acquiring software licences through Volume Licensing, you pay for only the software licence and not for additional materials.

With some Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, you can also purchase Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing. This single, cost-effective program can help boost organisational productivity with 24×7 support, deployment planning services, user and technical training, and the latest Microsoft software releases and unique technologies.

When you acquire software through a Microsoft Volume Licensing program, you can choose to acquire media (or supplemental media), documentation and product support separately via download or physical media as needed.

At a glance Microsoft Online Subscription Program Open
Open Value Open Value Subscription Select
Enterprise Agreement Enterprise
Subscription Agreement
Number of desktop PCs 5 or more Any; price levels start at 500 points per pool 250 or more
Licensing offerings Online Service and Software +Service Subscription Licensed Offers Licence, Licence and Software Assurance, and Software Assurance for renewals or eligible OEM 1 and FPP 2 purchases Licence and Software Assurance and Software Assurance renewals Licence, Licence and Software Assurance, and Software Assurance for renewals or eligible OEM and FPP purchases Licence and Software Assurance and Software Assurance renewals Licence and Software Assurance
Pricing Varies by service/offer Based on desktop PCs and/or Licence and Software Assurance Automatic-tiered pricing based on product pools Based on desktop PCs
Agreement term Agreement never expires Two years, not renewable Three years, renewable Agreement never expires Three years, renewable
Payment options Varies by service/offer Up-front payment Annual payments or up front Annual payments or up front 4
Software Assurance Not included Option to add Included Option to add Included
Online Services 3 Offered Not offered Offered

1 Original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
2 Full-package product (FPP).
3 Online Services refer to applications hosted at Microsoft Data Centers with client applications that may or may not be isntalled locally.
4 Licence-only purchases (i.e. without Software Assurance) must be paid up front.
5 Additiional media must be optained separately at a cost.

Perpetual Licensing

Open Licence, Open Value, Select and Enterprise Agreement are all perpetual licences. A perpetual licence provides you with the right to use the software forever but you are required to pay 100% of the cost. Combining a perpetual licence with Software Assurance enables you to use the latest version of a product and any new versions of that product that are released during the term of your agreement.

Non-Perpetual Licensing

Open Value Subscription and Enterprise Subscription Agreement are non-perpetual licences. Non-perpetual licensing provides the right to use software for the term of the agreement. Once the agreement expires, to continue using the software you can either re-new the agreement or choose to purchase the perpetual software. If you choose not to re-new the agreement you must remove all of the software.

Open Licence
Open Value Organisation-Wide
Open Value Non Organisation-Wide
Open Value Subscription
Select Licence
Enterprise Licence
Enterprise Subscription Licence
Education Licensing

Purchase Options

Software Assurance
Microsoft Financing
(Last Updated: 22 April 2013)