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Cyberlink Europe

CyberLink's worldwide headquarters are located in Taipei, Taiwan, with regional operations offices in North America, Japan, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Founded in 1996, CyberLink Corp. is a multimedia software company and pioneer in video and audio technologies on PCs and portable devices including tablets and smartphones.

The CyberLink Enterprise Program is designed to meet the productivity and graphics needs of small, medium, large Enterprise and Government entities, streamlining the purchasing process and providing a one-price solution for departments or your entire organisation. The CyberLink Volume Licence Program is available for corporate, academic, and government entities. The program includes a total solution for playback (PowerDVD), burning (Power2Go Corporate), video editing (PowerDirector), and eLearning content authoring (StreamAuthor).

Program Benefits

  • Easy software management and deployment for organisations of all sizes.
  • Transaction-based pricing at up to 70% off full retail price.
  • No contracts and no ongoing purchase requirement.
  • Fast electronic software delivery.
  • Maintenance, priority technical support, and back up media kit available.
  • Help on software standardisation.

Easy Software Management and Software Deployment

Easy Software Management

  • One activation key to help you deploy software across your entire organisation.
  • Licence certificate to prove licence compliance.
  • A single point of contact for sales and service support.

Easy Software Deployment

  • Easy network deployment and licence management; supporting Microsoft SMS and Active Directory (Msi installer is available in PowerDVD SE, PowerDVD Corporate, Power2Go Corporate).
  • Permission to deploy via a network or re-image.

Help on Software Standardisation

Multiple licence options to best fit your situation

Available in these licence options: full licence, upgrade licence, and maintenance licence. CyberLink offers flexible—and extremely cost effective—options to help standardise your current software versions.

Full Licence

If you do not have a licenced product yet, then order a full licence.

  • Considerable savings over retail and boxed software for volume orders.
  • Minimum Order Quantity of 3 units.
  • No contract and ongoing purchase commitment.
  • Maintenance, priority support, and version upgrades available.
  • All current Cyberlink products are eligible.
  • Available to corporate, government, academic, and non-profit organisations.
  • Electronic software download, licence, and key delivery.

Maintenance Licence

Purchased along with the above full licences or upgrade licences, including:

  • Upgrade fulfillment.
  • Premium Customer Support.
  • Backward licensing.
  • Multilingual licensing: Maintenance must be purchased along with full licences or upgrade licences. Customers with expired maintenance licences need to purchase upgrades if they want access to the latest version of their product.

Upgrade Licence

  • If you have a previous version of our software, order an Upgrade Licence to manage your new software version.
  • If you have an OEM/bundled licence product, order an Upgrade Licence to migrate to a Corporate/ Government licence.

OEM / Bundled Licence Migrations to Corp/ Gov Licences can apply Upgrade price

  • Attractive offers to help bundled licence customers migrate to the CyberLink Volume Licence program.
  • Target customers: customers who have acquired bundled software.
  • Benefits of migrating to the CyberLink Volume Licence program:
    • Standardisation of various versions of CyberLink software.
    • Permission to deploy via a network or re-image.
    • Special program to enable centralised licence management.