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Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018

QBS Software are proud to be an Intel Software Elite Reseller. Intel tools help software developers build high performance applications, including parallel applications for multicore and manycore processors.

Suites and Studios

Studio’s provide a comprehensive set of development tools for creating high performance parallel applications for multi-cores / many-cores. The Studio sets offer significant savings over procuring the products independently.

Compilers and Libraries

Industry-leading C compiler, C++ compiler and Fortran compilers including optimisation features which allow developers to create multi-threaded applications and maximise application performance, security and reliability. The highly optimised performance libraries for Data processing, Math processing, Threading and Cluster MPI ensure high performance in multi-cores / many-cores environments.

Performance, Thread and Memory tools

Intel VTune Amplifier XE and Intel Parallel Amplifier will help profile code to identify hot spots. Intel Inspector XE (Formerly Intel Thread Checker) will detect memory and threading defects early in the development cycle and deliver reliable applications.
Intel Parallel Inspector boosts reliability by delivering the easiest, fastest, most comprehensive method for Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++ developers to proactively analyse code and pinpoint latent multi-threading errors.