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Oracle was founded in 1977 to commercialise the technology behind the relational database since when it has developed sever and client/server databases that are used worldwide with open standards-based Web-enabled architecture.

Oracle Volume Licensing Program

  Named User Plus Processor
Type of Program Transactional Transactional
Minimum purchase requirements 5, 10 or 25 licences depending on product (s) purchased 1 processor licence per socket or core
Minimum reorder requirements None. Program applies on a transaction-by-transaction basis.
Does this require a signed contract No paper contract; electronic service agreement requirements vary by product.
Forecasting No
Length of program Perpetual and Term licences available
Upgrade Protection or maintenance Yes — 1-year support term required for each licence; includes any new versions, upgrades during term of agreement.
Technical Support Upgrade protection includes full product support. Software Update Licence & Support provides customers with rights to Oracle product upgrades, maintenance releases and patches distributed on Media Packs and OracleMetalink
Media Electronic Software Download (ESD) included; CD media available for purchase.

Named User Plus

The Named User Plus metric is used in environments where users and/or devices can be easily identified and counted.  Oracle’s Named User Plus (NUP) is a great way to acquire Oracle products when you need to cover a small number of users, such as in a test or development environment. The program is available to companies and government organisations.

To qualify for NUP, total users and processors must fall within pre-set minimum and maximum values that vary by product.


Oracle’s Processor licensing program is designed for larger environments with high numbers of users, or where users cannot be easily identified or counted, as in the case of web-based applications. The Processor metric is also used when it is more cost effective than Named User Plus licences.  All processors where the Oracle programs are installed and/or running must be licensed.  The program is available to companies and government organisations.