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QBS Publishing

QBS Publishing is the publishing division of QBS Software. We develop components and utilities for software developers. It all started many years ago when a customer asked for a postscript library for Clipper. We found a product in the US which we ordered for the customer. The shipment was delayed by several weeks. Frustrated we decided to write our own. It did well - we sold several hundred copies.

Since 1999, QBS has acted as the worldwide distributor for QuSoft's Quickreport, handling all commercial business. More recently, we have handled all tech support and product development. In November 2006 QBS purchased all rights to Quickreport. So we are now the publisher too.

For details and downloads on Quickreport please go to our Quickreport website. You will also find a worldwide list of Quickreport authorised resellers.

QBS also publish the Delux range of software conversion tools. Full details are available at the Delux website