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TeamDev is a software development company providing services in Java, .NET, and mobile application development on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

QBS Software

  • ComfyJ
    Lets you use ActiveX/COM/OLE/OCX objects right from your Java application and implement Java objects as COM objects, without writing native code.
  • JExcel
    A library which provides a simple way to integrate Excel into Java Swing applications without a specific knowledge of Microsoft Office programming.
  • JExplorer
    Java API for integrating MS Internet Explorer into Java applications as a Java Swing UI component in headless mode, so you can embed it into the UI to manipulate programmatically.
  • JNIWrapper
    Provides simplified access to native code from Java applications without using Java Native Interface (JNI.). It also negates the need to learn the low-level ins and outs of the system architecture.
  • JxBrowser
    Lets you embed a rich web browser component, into your Swing based Java desktop applications. So web documents in your application look exactly like they do in the web browser they were designed for.
  • JxCapture
    Screen capture API for Java applications which lets users capture screen in both image and video format. Capture any graphic element on the screen, whether an entire window or just a single object on it and save the results for further use.
  • JxFileWatcher
    A cross-platform library that provides convenient Java API for monitoring file system events. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms and supports both 32 and 64-bit versions of these OS
  • OpenFaces
    An open-source library of AJAX-powered JSF components, an Ajax framework and a client-side validation framework. OpenFaces is based on the set of JSF components formerly known as QuipuKit.